2018-19 CoSIDA Fred Stabley, Sr. Writing Contest

2018-19 CoSIDA Fred Stabley, Sr. Writing Contest

In our profession, we are called upon to use our writing skills each and every day and we create tremendous stories that captivate our audience. It's a major aspect of our job and an aspect that we take very seriously. For all of our hard work to recognize others, aren’t we deserving of some recognition as well?
With that in mind, CoSIDA members are encouraged to submit entries for this year’s Fred. S. Stabley Writing Contest. The deadline for entries is February 28, 2019 (click here for contest guidelines and a list of district coordinators). The judging will then take place and be completed so that plaques/certificates for the winners will be available to be presented at the #CoSIDA19 Convention.

Entries from current dues-paying CoSIDA members can be submitted in any of the following seven categories. You're encouraged to submit stories in as many of the categories as you’d like, but you can only submit one story per category.
  1. Athlete Profile
  2. Coach/Administrator Profile
  3. General/Historical Feature
  4. Season Preview/Recap
  5. Event Coverage
  6. Blog/Interview
  7. Story With Video (must be done by SID Office, not by an outside company)

Submissions for the 2018-19 contest can be submitted beginning Thursday, January 3 (at 1 p.m. ET) through Thursday, February 28, 2019 (1 p.m. ET) at CoSIDA.com/Awards.

Questions about the Stabley Writing Contest program? Contact:
Jeffrey Bernstein
CoSIDA Stabley Writing Contest Chair
New York University
(973) 744-1872

Barb Kowal, 
CoSIDA Director of Professional Development and External Affairs
(512) 739-1234