Our Organization: What is CoSIDA?
5936What is CoSIDA?
CoSIDA (College Sports Information Directors of America) was founded in 1957 and is a 3,000+ member national organization comprised of the sports public relations, media relations and communications/information professionals throughout all levels of collegiate athletics in the United States and Canada. The organization, which celebrated its 60th year during the 2016-17 academic year, is the second oldest management association in all of intercollegiate athletics. CoSIDA became an affiliated partner with NACDA (National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics) in December of 2008.

CoSIDA's membership first reached the 3,000 mark during the 2013-14 school year and has topped that threshold each year since.

Prior to the formation of CoSIDA in the mid 1950s, sports information directors as a group were a part of the American College Public Relations Association. Most SIDs at those ACPRA meetings eventually felt that a separate organization was needed and that led to CoSIDA’s formation. There were 102 members at the original meeting/ convention in 1957.
CoSIDA History

• CoSIDA History/Board History: 1950s-present (PDF)
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Primary Mission
CoSIDA has two primary missions as it seeks to have its profession, organization and membership take its rightful leadership role within the decision-making levels of the intercollegiate athletics community:

1) Assist communications and public relations professionals at all collegiate levels with professional development and continuing education, helping its members deal in a strategic and effective manner with the various issues, challenges and opportunities that exist within the fast-paced and ever-changing collegiate communications environment.

2) Play a significant leadership and resource role (i.e. “Strategic Communicators for College Athletics”) within the overall collegiate athletics enterprise, thus helping other management groups and their respective memberships deal with the set of communications-based issues that is the most complex and challenging in history.

Board of Directors/Leadership
CoSIDA’s Board of Directors is comprised of elected officer positions (President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, immediate Past President and a Secretary), along with 10 other Board appointees who are at-large and college division representatives. These athletic PR professionals, along with a five-member staff (Executive Director, Associate Executive Director, Director of Professional Development & External Affairs, Director of Membership Engagement and Director of Creative Services) compose the organization’s leadership group.

In the summer of 2008, the association strengthened its divisional leadership with the creation two additional management teams: the University Division Management Advisory Committee (UDMAC) and the College Division Management Advisory Committee (CDMAC). The UDMAC and CDMAC were created as part of the Board’s 2008 strategic initiatives which created a more federated CoSIDA management structure. The purpose of these management teams is to encourage divisional leadership groups to take a more direct and personal responsibility approach in regards to division-specific CoSIDA matters.

The CDMAC is composed of separate leadership groups for NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, the NAIA, Canadian and two-year institutions. The UDMAC, which is currently undergoing changes in its structure, was originally composed of separate leadership groups for the Football Bowl Subdivision, Football Championship Subdivision and Division 1-AAA (division I programs in basketball who do not play football at the DI level). The CDMAC continues to this day. The UDMAC, due to the current flucuations in the NCAA Division I structure and conference realignments, is evolving into a new leadership structure.

Doug Vance, a member of CoSIDA’s Hall of Fame and a former president of the organization with 30-plus years experience in college athletic media relations administration and association management, was named CoSIDA's current Executive Director on Sept. 18, 2013. He is the second executive director of the organization. Serving as the first Executive Director and first full-time employee for CoSIDA was John Humenik (January 2008-June 2013), who had three decades of experience in the sports public relations and college athletic communications industry.

The Executive Director position serves as the organization’s senior administrator working closely with its Board of Directors and the organization’s full-time staff in handling the organization’s day-to-day administration and operations as well as the development of short- and long-term strategic planning and initiatives.

Other Executive Director duties include: serving as the organization's primary liaison with all of the nation's collegiate sports governing bodies, sports management organizations and coaches associations; and coordinating CoSIDA's corporate partnership and outreach program that plays a critical role of supporting organizational year-round initiatives and the annual convention.

Google Cloud Academic All-America® and Academic All-America® Hall of Fame Programs
CoSIDA founded in the mid 1950s the highly regarded Academic All-America® program, unquestionably regarded as the premier awards program in intercollegiate athletics for honoring combined academic and athletic excellence. It is CoSIDA's signature program. It has been presented a federal registration brand mark for “Academic All-America® and Academic All-American®” meaning that it is the sole organization that can refer to an awards program which includes that brand mark/name.

Google Cloud became the title sponsor of the program in the May of 2018. The previous rights holder, Capital One, served as the program's title sponsor from January 2012 to July of 2015. Other title sponsors have included GTE, Verizon and ESPN the Magazine.

CoSIDA fully manages and administers the Academic All-America® program across all divisions of play (NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, Canadian and Two-Year institutions) and the Academic All-America® Hall of Fame.

CoSIDA members nominate and vote with regard to the selection of Academic All-America® performers in 12 sports (men's at-large and women's at-large [multiple-sport category], baseball, men's basketball, women's basketball, football, men's soccer, women's soccer, softball, men's track & field/cross country, women's track & field/cross country and women's volleyball) for all four divisional levels.

Created in 1988, the Academic All-America® Hall of Fame recognizes past Academic All-America® selections who have achieved lifetime success in their professional careers and are committed to philanthropic causes in the communities where they reside. Four to five deserving candidates are inducted at an annual awards ceremony. Each class is inducted at the annual CoSIDA Convention.

Learn more about the Google Cloud Academic All-America® program here.